Investment/Financial Planning

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Creation and maintenance of a financial and lifestyle plan

We will explore with you your life goals and begin the process of documenting areas requiring attention and
the resources you will need in the future to enjoy success.

We consider all the issues that may impact your success such as:, Cashflow, Tax, Asset Management, Social
Security, Investment and Market Risk, Personal Risk, Estate Planning.…and develop the strategies that will assist
you to achieve your desired goals. Our findings are presented to you in your personalised “Blueprint”.

Where we identify the potential to transfer overseas assets to Australia, we will work with our Global partners to
assess the transfer, create the appropriate receiving scheme in Australia (eg QROPS superannuation funds)
and manage the entire process for you.

Development and management of relevant investment strategies

We create and manage the investments and other financial strategies that are required to meet your
objectives. Where appropriate we engage Local and Global Investment partners to ensure your investments
meet our strict investment quality guidelines and provide access to relevant markets.

Implementation of personal and wealth protection measures

Having effective risk protection strategies allows you to manage the financial consequences of any
unexpected events occurring. We identify personal risk areas and the mechanisms used to mitigate these risks,
including life, income replacement, temporary and permanent disablement, and health event insurances.

Ensuring Continued Success

We will work with you continually, monitoring your immediate position, and progress towards your goals. Our
business and professional knowledge ensure that you are receiving expert advice.
By undertaking rigorous risk assessments and reviews on an on-going basis we can ensure that the strategies to
improve your position continue to be appropriate.

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